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Introducing cResponse™

Test up to 8 drugs, including chemo, targeted, and IO, on your patient’s 3-dimensional original tumor, and see which is the most effective. 

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As each tumor is unique, each patient will respond differently to anti-cancer therapies. While genomic sequencing of tumors can help some patients to select the right treatment, most patients will not benefit from this technology, and their response to therapy (whether selected by genomic testing or not) will be unpredictable.

The cResponse™ test is a first-of-its-kind combined Genomic-Functional assay. The test starts with genomic profiling of the tumor to prioritize potential therapies. Then, together with additional therapies that were recommended by the patient’s oncologist, a short list of drugs and drug combinations is generated and functionally tested on the patient’s tumor.

The cResponse™ functional test preserves the original tumor composition (commonly referred to as the Tumor MicroEnvironment – TME) and its 3D structure to assess the effectiveness of all selected treatments on the tumor cells. This enables cResponse™ to empirically analyze the effectiveness of the recommended treatments following rapid genomic profiling with very high accuracy.

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“I went through all the possible genomic tests… Yet, the results did not help me evaluate my treatment position… The first time I felt confident in a test result, it was with the cResponse test.”

Orna, cResponse™ Patient

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