Our mission:

Enable truly personal therapy selection for cancer patients and expedite cancer R&D

Our mission:

Enable truly personal therapy selection for cancer patients and expedite cancer R&D

Our story

As the availability of novel cancer drugs, and the biomarkers that help oncology teams select them, is constantly breaking new ground, the challenge of identifying which treatment will be most effective is growing.

cResponse™ is the only drugs-response assessment platform designed to perform across the therapeutic spectrum: chemotherapy, targeted biologics, and immunotherapy. The Curesponse platform was developed after years of careful and dedicated research, motivated by a desire to help patients and oncologists find the most effective therapy, regardless of where the patient is in his/her journey.

Curesponse – a commercial-stage start-up, was created to make this vision a reality.


Our approach

The next step in precision cancer therapy

It is not rare for cancer patients to be prescribed treatments that are not effective. This can lead to loss of other treatment opportunities, time, and health for the patients and high costs of care for providers and payers. Curesponse’s cutting-edge functional platform will empirically match the right drug to each patient’s cancer, improving survival and saving unnecessary medical interventions.

Curesponse’s technology represents the next step in personalized cancer medicine, advancing prediction capabilities beyond genomics to understand how cancer treatments will affect the patient’s tumor cells when they are in their native tumor.

Our success

Today, cResponse™ is the only assay of its kind that combines rapid genomic analysis with functional cancer treatment prediction within living tumor tissue. This unique platform was designed to solve the need of oncologists, their patients and pharma companies by enabling drug response assessment and prioritization across all the main cancer therapeutic modalities (chemotherapy, targeted biologics, and immuno-therapies).

Other assays are typically specific to one or two cancer treatment modalities, such as cytotoxic, targeted, or immune therapies. However,  given the recent trends of combining drugs across therapeutic modalities, only Curesponse’s agnostic platform, which works with all treatment modalities, can offer a highly actionable solution using samples from a single biopsy.

The technology has been calibrated using hundreds of human cancer tissues in Europe, the UK, and Israel and is already assisting oncologists in selecting the most appropriate treatment option for their patients. The company has collaborations with leading pharma companies, hospitals, medical centers, and payers (health insurance companies), including Imperial College London, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital, Sheba Medical Center, Rambam Hospital, Migdal insurance company and many more.



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