Curesponse discusses with the Jerusalem Post its innovative cResponse™ test that helps tailor the optimal treatment for breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer treatment has improved a lot in the last decade with more understanding and treatment options available, leading to a high cure rate in early stages. There are many types of treatments like chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, etc. The challenge is to pick the best treatment for a patient, considering effectiveness and side […]

Curesponse Presents Positive Preliminary Clinical Results from a Multi-Center UK Study at AACR

Curesponse, a pioneering oncology company, recently announced preliminary clinical results from a multi-center UK study at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Florida. Curesponse’s clinical results from the first 15 patients showcased the predictive strength of cResponse, an AI-based genomic-functional drug prioritization technology. The UK study, combined with Curesponse’s clinical results from a […]

Curesponse discusses its cancer prediction cResponse™ test with Ynet (in hebrew)

Israeli technology developed at the Weizmann Institute has led to the creation of a groundbreaking cancer prediction test that can predict with 90% accuracy which drugs will benefit cancer patients. This can significantly increase the chances of treatment success and save patients from ineffective treatments and unnecessary side effects. The breakthrough cancer prediction technology, developed […]

Curesponse Announces Clalit Health Services, Largest Israeli HMO, to Provide Commercial Coverage for the cResponse™ test

Yahoo finance logo - Curesponse announces coverage for cResponse Test with Clalit Health Services

Precision oncology company, Curesponse, announced today that its AI-driven cResponse platform, which combines rapid next-generation sequencing with a proprietary functional assay that assesses the response of a cancerous tissue to various drug and drug combinations, will be included in Clalit Health Services‘ Oncology Services package. Clalit Health Services is the world’s second-largest HMO, delivering patient […]

Curesponse publishes new clinical study in Nature Cancer

Translating preclinical research into effective treatment protocols for individuals with cancer is a complex and challenging task. One major obstacle is the highly variable genetic makeup of tumor cells, as well as the impact of the tumor microenvironment on drug response. In order to find new clinically relevant drug combinations for colorectal cancer (CRC), researchers […]

Curesponse raises USD $ 6 million (in Hebrew)


Curesponse, which produces 3D cultures of cancerous tumors to test how to treat them, has raised $6 million from Marius Nacht’s aMoon fund and the UK’s NCL Technology Ventures fund.

Curesponse featured in the Marker (in Hebrew)


A new article titled “Targeted response testing that incorporates rapid genomic analysis, for customization of treatment for a cancer patient” was featured in the Israel news outlet, The Marker. The environment in which a cancerous tumor develops affects the ability of drugs to help eradicate it. Curesponse has developed a method for prioritizing possible treatments, […]

Curesponse presents positive interim results at AACR 2021

At the 2021 prestigious conference of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), Curesponse presented findings that could drive significant progress in how the medical community selects cancer treatments. New interim clinical trial results, which were collected in collaboration with physicians from Sheba, Kaplan, Hadassah and Beilinson hospitals in Israel, show Curesponse’s technology can predict […]