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Curesponse Announces Clalit Health Services, Largest Israeli HMO, to Provide Commercial Coverage for the cResponse™ test

Precision oncology company, Curesponse, announced today that its AI-driven cResponse platform, which combines rapid next-generation sequencing with a proprietary functional assay that assesses the response of a cancerous tissue to various drug and drug combinations, will be included in Clalit Health Services‘ Oncology Services package.

Clalit Health Services is the world’s second-largest HMO, delivering patient care through a network of 14 hospitals, 39 imaging centres, 1,400 clinics, 400 pharmacies, 37 children’s health centres and 32 women’s health centres.

Curesponse’s cResponse test is already reimbursed by private health insurance providers in Israel, but inclusion in Clalit Health Services’ package expands access to millions of cancer patients. The test aims to provide patients with a personalised treatment plan by assessing how an individual’s tumour tissue responds to various cancer treatments.

According to Gil Rosen, Curesponse’s COO, “This important decision emphasizes the recognition of the clinical community in the benefits the cResponse platform offers oncologists and patients in navigating through the tough decision on which therapy would work best for the individual patient.”

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