For pharmaceutical companies

Curesponse provides custom solutions for pharmaceutical companies developing cancer therapies. The company has developed cResponse™, a unique functional-genomic platform for evaluating drug response. The platform, preserves the cancer tissue architecture (including vasculature and immune system) accurately reflecting the cancer growth found in the body. The tissue can be grown in culture for up to 10 days, allowing assessment of drugs requiring a longer time for response evaluation.

cResponse™ presents an opportunity for pharma companies working on drug development and clinical trials. Instead of evaluating drug efficacy on cell lines and PDX models which poorly reflect cancer’s activity in vivo and are very costly, companies can now use cResponse™ to quickly evaluate their drug pipeline candidates. Drugs can also be evaluated across several types of cancers to suggest the optimal indication for treatment.


cResponse™ can also function as a companion diagnostic for drugs in clinical trials. Many drugs lack an accurate companion diagnostic to determine the population most likely to respond to treatment. Using cResponse™, patients most likely to respond can be selected for clinical trials simply by evaluating the patient’s biopsy with their drug prior to inclusion in the trial. This will allow investigators to target the population most sensitive to the drug and increase their trial's success rate by using cResponse™ as an inclusion criteria.

Drug Discovery:

If you have several drug candidates in your pipeline and are looking to understand their efficacy, you can prioritize your molecules using cResponse™ and receive a quick and clear report. The results are based on our proprietary drug-sensitivity assay, avoiding time consuming and preclinical experiments.


Expanding indications for a drug:

If your drug is already approved and you want to assess efficacy in additional indications, you could test your molecule on additional cancer types with cResponse™. Our study results could assist in choosing additional target indications, and in selecting your company’s future research direction.


Clinical trials

Targeting the correct patient population in a clinical study is critical for achieving success. Using cResponse™, companies can decide on patient inclusion. Patient selection could increase the company’s trial success rates and spare patients unnecessary side effects of ineffective drugs.


How does it work?

Our team of scientists meets you to discuss your company’s needs and study goals. Following the meeting, we work together to develop a study design. After your review and approval, we initiate the study. Upon completion, you receive a detailed study report.