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 knowing the selected drug was compared to alternative drugs and was shown to be the most effective on your tumor

cResponse™ is an innovative test that uniquely assesses how an individual patient’s tumor tissue, made available via a biopsy or surgery, responds to a variety of cancer treatments. The test is combined with genomic analysis, for optimal adjustment of each cancer patient’s treatment.

This can empower oncologists’ decisions and helps patients find the most effective cancer treatment sooner, while saving unnecessary and expensive medical interventions.


Identifies potential drugs based on genomic tumor profiling (NGS)




Results within 2 weeks


Provides a unique picture of drug efficacy in living tumor tissue with an intact tumor micro-environment (TME)


Predicts treatment resistance, sparing patients from getting ineffective treatments

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cResponse™ is unique in its ability to assess the response of the patient’s tumor to a variety of cancer therapies *

Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy

* Including therapy combinations

The cResponse™ report

cResponse™ provides a report for the physician that ranks cancer drugs by their predicted effect on their patient’s tumor. This comprehensive report also summarizes the genomic information identified by our rapid genomic panel, covering 57 genes and > 1000 hotspots. In addition, the report includes images of the patient’s cancer tissue under different treatments.

By analyzing clinical-grade genomic data with functional scores of response to multiple therapies, our proprietary AI algorithm works to accurately predict the most effective cancer treatment for each patient’s tumor.


How cResponse™ works

Genomic Test

Genomic test

Checks biopsy for actionable gene mutations and the result is integrated with physician recommendations to create a panel of potential therapies to be tested

Living tumor test​

Living tumor test

Expert pathologists evaluate and score the living tumor tissue (including its TME) response to the recommended panel of cancer drugs 

Treatment prediction algorithm

Treatment prediction algorithm

Proprietary AI software managed by expert pathologists ranks the tested treatments actual effect on the viable tumor (including the TME)

cResponse report​

cResponse™ report

Provides a personalized patient report within 2 weeks with genomic profiling, tissue images, and functional effectiveness of each drug or drug combination that was tested

List of the genes tested in our rapid test

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