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Curesponse discuss with the Jerusalem Post its cResponse test that can predict which drugs will benefit individual cancer patients.

The Weizmann Institute in Israel has developed a technology that can test a cancer patient’s tumor to find out which drugs will work best for them. This technology, created by Curesponse, uses a test called cResponse™. It grows a piece of the patient’s tumor in the lab and then exposes it to different drugs to see which ones make the tumor smaller. The results come back in 2-3 weeks with about 90% accuracy.

This is a big deal because doctors usually have many drugs to choose from, and it’s hard to know which one will work best. Before, they would sometimes guess and try different drugs one by one, which could waste time and cause unnecessary side effects. The cResponse™ test changes this because it checks many drugs at once directly on the tumor sample. This includes all types of treatments like chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and immunotherapy.

After a doctor decides which drugs might be good for a patient, they send a tumor sample to Curesponse’s lab. There, the sample is quickly checked for specific genetic changes and then tested with the chosen drugs. A pathologist and a special computer program look at the results to see how well each drug kills the cancer cells.

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