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Curesponse discusses its cancer prediction cResponse™ test with Ynet (in hebrew)

Israeli technology developed at the Weizmann Institute has led to the creation of a groundbreaking cancer prediction test that can predict with 90% accuracy which drugs will benefit cancer patients. This can significantly increase the chances of treatment success and save patients from ineffective treatments and unnecessary side effects.

The breakthrough cancer prediction technology, developed by Cureponse, allows doctors to take samples from cancerous tumors and examine the effects of various drugs on the tumor, offering a powerful tool for personalizing cancer treatment.

With the rapid development of various innovative treatments in recent years, doctors have faced dilemmas when determining which drugs to give patients to maximize the chances of success and minimize side effects.

The cancer prediction cResponse test, developed by Curesponse, addresses this issue by testing different oncological treatments on a tumor sample, providing an answer within two to three weeks on whether the cancer is likely to respond to any of the treatments or combinations of treatments tested.

The test is intended for all types of solid tumors, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, intestinal cancer, brain cancer, and stomach cancer.

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