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Curesponse Presents Positive Preliminary Clinical Results from a Multi-Center UK Study at AACR

Curesponse, a pioneering oncology company, recently announced preliminary clinical results from a multi-center UK study at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Florida. Curesponse’s clinical results from the first 15 patients showcased the predictive strength of cResponse, an AI-based genomic-functional drug prioritization technology. The UK study, combined with Curesponse’s clinical results from a similar study in Israel, displayed a sensitivity of 96.5% and specificity of 90% across various solid cancer types in predicting patient responses to cancer therapeutics.

The cResponse platform, developed in Israel and tested further in the UK, merges rapid next-generation sequencing with a unique functional assay. This assay gauges the reaction of cancerous tissue to diverse drugs and drug combinations while maintaining the tumor microenvironment. This platform is the first of its kind to offer an empirical test that reflects a patient’s tumor response to different drugs within two weeks from biopsy.

The cResponse platform is CE marked and is carried out in an ISO 15189-accredited laboratory. The test reimbursed by private payers in Israel for personalized cancer treatment decision guidance. The technology is set to become available to cancer patients in the UK and EU in 2023, and in the USA in 2024.

Dr. Sandra Hanks, UK Laboratory Director, expressed her pride in the global validation of cResponse and eagerness for its future availability to UK cancer patients.

“We are very pleased with the initial results of the UK study, showing that in the first 15 patients with available clinical follow-up data, the cResponse platform yields very high predictive power”, said Dr. Jon Krell, study Principal Investigator.

View the clinical poster here.

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