The cResponse™ platform:

Accelerate cancer drug development

Introducing the cResponse™ platform:

Your must-have companion diagnostics oncology test

Escalating costs of cancer drug discovery and development are a major concern for the pharma industry. Combining this with the overall complexity of tumors and the need for individualized anti-cancer drugs that are safer and more efficacious, means new approaches must be adopted.

cResponse can serve as a companion diagnostics oncology tool for pharmaceutical companies, designed to significantly improve drug discovery and clinical success. The cResponse unique functional assay preserves cancer tissue in its unique microenvironment and 3D structure, thereby maximizing the accuracy of predicting clinical drug response in drug development.


Why cResponse™?

Accelerate drug discovery
drug discovery

Better prioritize molecules in drug discovery & avoid time-consuming preclinical experiments

Discover new indications
new indications

Better assess the efficacy of additional indications of approved drugs & empower future research decisions

Include the “right” patients in trials
Optimize patient selection in your clinical trials

Better select clinical study patient populations increasing trial success rates, lowering costs & sparing patient side effects

cResponse preserves the critical Tumor Microenvironment

Certain drugs may demonstrate high efficacy when tested on cancer cells in vitro. However in vivo, different factors in the tumor microenvironment (TME), will result in tumor drug resistance. In addition, major events occurring in the TME support tumor growth and progression and influence drug efficacy.

Curesponse’s functional drug-selection assay evaluates each tumor’s drug sensitivity. The platform preserves the cancer tissue architecture (including vasculature and immune cells) accurately reflecting the cancer growth found in the body. The tissue can be grown ex vivo for a long period, enabling assessment of targeted drugs, which require several days in culture, in addition to chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

cResponse™ Advantages

cResponse™ overcomes limitations of existing methods (2D cancer cell lines, organoids and PDX’s) that do not faithfully represent the original, native tumor microenvironment while also being costly and time-consuming.

Reflects the exact tumor response to each drug as it is in the body

Preserves the TME, including stromal and immune system

Quick turnaround: the test can be initiated as soon as the fresh specimen arrives at the lab

Enables assessing the response of chemo, targeted as well as IO on a single specimen – reflecting the complexity of real-world patients.

Provides fast results at lower prices

Make informed drug pipeline decisions

Our highly experienced team of scientists will work with you every step of the way to design, execute and provide a detailed study plan and reports meeting your objectives. In the study example below, cResponse™ assessed 3 drug candidates in four clinical trial indications for a pharmaceutical company. Using cResponse™, the pharma company discovered the potential activity of Drug 2 in pancreatic and breast cancers while Drug 3 demonstrated to be effective only in sarcoma tumors.

Pipeline Graph

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