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Prof. Raanan Berger,
Senior Oncologist & Radiotherapist
Sheba Medical Center

Raanan Berger, M.D, Ph.D, is the Director of the Cancer Center, a senior Oncologist and Radiotherapist, heading the clinical research facility in the Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy at the Sheba Medical Center. Co-author of 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

“The Curesponse test, actually offers me, as the Doctor, the ultimate tool that will tell me what treatment to give, and no less important, what treatment not to give.”


Orna Berry
Ovarian cancer survivor for 6 years, renowned Israeli scientist

“In the past five and half years, I went through all the possible genomic tests… Treatment decisions were made on guesses and the oncologist’s intuition. The first time I felt confident in a test result, it was with cResponse™. The result is integrative and comprehensive based on my live tissue in combination with rapid genomic sequencing which resulted in a clear indication of a specific treatment. You just don’t understand what it means for a cancer patient to receive a clear answer…”

Dr. Yoav Medan, Ph.D,
Lung cancer patient & renowned Israeli medical researcher

“Curesponse’s test, in my opinion, is something that shouldn’t be missed….The results were somewhat surprising since my metastasis origin is lung cancer and the drug that was found to be most effective is usually given for breast cancer so this was not the “natural” choice. I have now completed two cycles of treatment and the tumor has shrunk significantly… The approach of Curesponse made the difference”

Curesponse technology

Personalized targeted treatment for cancer is a major medical breakthrough. But determining which drug will prove most effective for each patient remains a major challenge. Learn how Curesponse’s innovative cResponse™ functional assay platform helps select the right treatment for each patient bringing new hope to cancer patients. 

Curesponse in the news

Channel 13: Prof. Raanan Berger and Dr. Vered Bar – Personalizing Cancer Medicine (In Hebrew)

In this video, discover the latest technology approaches to personalize cancer treatment and learn how Curesponse is leading the way by testing how anti-cancer drugs respond in functional living tumor tissue.