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Personalized treatment for cancer is a major medical breakthrough. But, determining which drug will prove most effective for each patient remains a major challenge. Curesponse™ has developed, a unique functional drug-selection assay, which evaluates tumor sensitivity to cancer drugs. The platform preserves the cancer tissue (including vasculature and immune system) accurately reflecting the cancer growth found in the body. The tissue can be grown ex vivo for up to 10 days, enabling genomic assessment prior to functional drug selection. By using combined genomic drug selection and functional testing, cResponse™ provides suggested potential treatment options for the patient.

The cResponse™ platform

cResponse™ offers a significant advantage over personalized cancer technologies and tests currently available on the market. We provide a functional read out of the drug effect on the patient’s tumor in the context of the microenvironment.


The cResponse™ personalized cancer test provides:

  • Accurate genomic report and drug prioritization within 3 weeks

  • Reliable selection of drugs before they are administered

  • Treatment prioritization result for each patient

The cResponse™ Advantage

The clinical importance

of the tumor microenvironment

The development of effective anti-cancer drugs is complicated by the overall complexity of tumors. It is well established that the response of cancer cells to therapeutics is significantly affected by their microenvironment. Certain drugs may demonstrate high efficacy when tested on cancer cells in vitro. However in vivo, different factors in the tumor microenvironment (TME), will result in tumor drug resistance.


In addition, major events occurring in the TME (e.g response to hypoxia, extracellular matrix composition alterations, immune cells response), support tumor growth and progression. These factors significantly influence the efficacy of drugs and are themselves drug targets. The cResponse platform preserves cancer tissue in its microenvironment thereby maximizing the accuracy of predicting drug response. 

cResponse™ is a proprietary system which allows for a long-term Tumor culture with extremely high viability and tissue preservation. As can be seen in the images below, even after 10 days in culture, colorectal cancer maintains an identical structure to earlier morphology. Extended tissue culture time is important since many drugs require several days in culture to achieve their maximal efficacy.

Long Term EVOC (Ex Vivo Organ Culture)


Maintaining extended tissue viability

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1. Drug selection by physician & genomics

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2. Cancer sample

removed from patient

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3. Tumor
culture system

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4. Evaluation by a pathologist

Caution: Investigational technology. Not yet approved by Federal (or United States) law for clinical use.