About us

Curesponse's technology was developed by Dr. Ravid Straussman and Dr. Nancy Gavert at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Motivated by a desire to improve cancer research and drug diagnostics, the pair engineered the platform after years of careful and dedicated research. Their work is one of the leading technologies developed at Weizmann, which is one of the world's top multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences.

Curesponse is on a mission to improve cancer treatment. Today patients are routinely prescribed drugs which don’t work leading to enormous frustration and confusion. Curesponse’s cutting edge functional platform will match the correct drug to the patients cancer, improving survival and saving unnecessary medical interventions. 

Curesponse’s technology represents the next step in personalized cancer medicine, moving prediction capabilities beyond genomics and into the world of functional response on living patient cells.

Curesponse’s technology was developed together with the Weizmann Institute of Science. Curesponse Israeli laboratory is ISO15189 accredited for both genomics and functional tests. The cResponse™ treatment selection assay, has been validated on animal models of cancer (PDX). In addition, clinical validation of cResponse on different indications, testing a large variety of drugs, is ongoing at several medical centers with encouraging preliminary results.

Our team

Mr. Guy Neev

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Neev has more than 20 years’ experience in executive level positions in the medical and high tech industries. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Check-Cap Ltd (NASDAQ:CHEK) and Cappella (now ArraVasc ). During his time at Check-Cap he led the company from inception, through its successful initial public offering in the United States and listing of its securities on Nasdaq.


Dr. Ravid Straussman

Scientific Founder

Dr. Ravid Straussman is a Senior Scientist leading a research group in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Straussman completed a M.D./Ph.D. program at the Hebrew University Medical School. Dr. Straussman is the author of numerous scientific publications in top-tier journals such as Science and Nature and has received multiple awards including the AACR Scholar in Training Award (2012) and the Neufeld Memorial Research Prize (2014).


Dr. Vered Bar

Vice President Research & Development

Dr. Bar has vast experience in managing R&D projects in the pharmaceutical industry. She previously worked at Regenera Pharma and executed its pre-clinical studies. She has also served as the Chief Scientific Advisor of Forum-MD. Dr. Bar holds a Ph.D in Life Sciences from the Weizmann Institute.


Dr. Seth Salpeter

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Salpeter has deep experience in developing and bringing new biotechnologies to market. He previously served as Chief Scientist and VP Business Development at Sight Diagnostics and worked in pharmaceuticals as a Pharmaceutical Analyst at Biotechnology General (Ferring). Dr. Salpeter holds a Ph.D in Biochemistry from the Hebrew University and performed post-doctoral studies at the Institute for Drug Research, the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy


Dr. Hamutal Shahar

Clinical Director

Dr. Shahar holds a Ph.D in Neuroscience from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where she was also responsible for the execution of clinical studies that investigated brain anatomy and function. She gained her experience in the field of clinical R&D working on clinical studies of medical devices, technology and drugs. She served as Clinical Trial Manager at Brainsway after which she worked as Senior Project Manager of Development & Operations at the NTE Unit of Teva Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Hagit Shapira

Laboratory Manager

Dr. Shapira was previously the Head of the pathology labs at Maccabi Institute of Pathology. Prior to this, she worked as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. She was also Senior Scientist and Drug Development Manager at Q.B.I. Dr. Shapira holds a Ph.D in Physiology and Pharmacology from Tel Aviv University and she performed post-doctoral studies at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA.


Dr. Sandra Hanks

UK Laboratory Manager

Dr. Hanks has extensive experience of laboratory management and academic research. She previously worked as Clinical Genomics Laboratory Manager at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this, she held a dual role as Laboratory Manager and Senior Scientist within the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research. Dr. Hanks holds a Ph.D in Molecular Genetics from the University of London and is an author on numerous scientific publications.


Dr. Adi Zundelevich

Genomics Project Manager

Dr. Zundelevich has extensive experience in managing R&D projects. She previously served as Head of R&D at Genesort developing NGS panels for personalized cancer medicine. Prior to this, Dr. Zundelevich managed the Breast Cancer Epigenetic Laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center. Dr Zundelevich holds a Ph.D in Life Sciences from the Department of Neurobiology, Tel Aviv University.


Dana Laufer-Sheinfeld

QA Manager

Ms. Laufer-Sheinfeld has vast experience in quality systems in the pharmaceutical industry. She previously worked as a Quality System Specialist at SciVac and was responsible for the product stability studies in the company. Ms. Laufer-Sheinfeld holds a M.Sc. in Life Sciences from the Weizmann Institute.