The cResponse™ platform:

The next generation
in personalized
cancer treatment

The cResponse™ platform:

Because if it’s not tested on a 3-dimensional, viable tumor with TME, it’s not really personalized treatment prioritization.


Every tumor responds differently to anti-cancer therapies so determining which drug will prove most effective for each patient remains a major challenge. Curesponse has developed a genomics-functional drug prioritization platform that accurately predicts the most effective cancer treatment for each tumor.

The cResponse™ platform evaluates tumor sensitivity to cancer drugs while preserving the native cancer tissue – including the tumor microenvironment, to better reflect the original microenvironment of the tumor cells.

Our proprietary assay enables the patient’s tissue to remain viable in our lab for a period of time sufficient to allow genomic assessment prior to the functional drug selection. By using combined genomic drug selection and functional testing, the cResponse™ platform provides the next generation of personalized cancer treatment.

Technology Platform

cResponse™ platform advantages

The only combined Genomic-Functional cancer precision medicine platform, maintaining the tumor microenvironment intact for sufficient time to allow for an accurate prediction of clinical outcome

Preserving the Tumor Microenvironment (TME)

Today, only a small proportion of patients derive clinical benefit from genomic tests that analyze static tumor features. The cResponse™ platform integrates both genomic analyses with functional precision cancer testing by uniquely preserving cancer tissue in its living functional microenvironment. This combined approach maximizes the accuracy of predicting drug response.

The cResponse™ platform uniquely maintains the tissue’s 3D structure and the tumor microenvironment (TME), including stromal cells and the immune system. This is important as many components in the tumor microenvironment (e.g. immune cells, stromal cells, extracellular matrix proteins) were shown to directly affect the response of cancer cells to anti-cancer drugs. Indeed, while certain drugs may demonstrate high efficacy when tested on isolated cancer cells, they are not effective when targeting cancer cells in their native microenvironment.

The cResponse test was designed to overcome this limitation.

Maintaining Extended Tissue Viability

The cResponse™ assay allows for long-term tumor culture with high viability and tissue preservation. This is important since many drugs require several days in culture to achieve maximum efficacy. 

Day 5
Day 5
Day 10
Day 10
Day 20
Day 20

Even after long term culturing, tumors maintain tissue structure and cell viability  

AI-Powered Precision Cancer Medicine

The cResponse™ platform unravels the complexity in cancer treatment prescribing. By harnessing AI to analyze genomic and functional assay data, the cResponse™ platform predicts the response of patient’s tumor to various anti-cancer treatments.

With the help of our team of in-house pathologists, the response of a tumor (cancer cell viability, quality and proliferation) to a drug or drug combination is analyzed. Our proprietary AI algorithm then predicts a drug’s cScore, with each drug assigned a score of 0-100. The highest scoring drugs represent the most efficacious treatment.

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